Bike to Work Week 2019!

Culminating in Volunteer time at the Rosslyn Gateway Park pit stop on Friday, May 17.

Gotta be there super early on Friday to assist.

Even if it rains again like last year, it will be fun!


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Back Riding (Yes!)

This year has been a little nut(z).

has put me in a situation in which my riding declined a lot this year.

Never fear, the legs are pedaling again (yes).


Feels good.

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Not riding too much these days

Life has changed – as it does for everyone on an annual basis.

But my riding life has been quite curtailed.

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Riding from Silver Spring Daily?

Curious, how many cyclists do you know that ride to/from silver spring, MD into DC (downtown anywhere) more days than not?

Do any of these cyclists NOT use the rock creek park trail?

Please let me know in the comments below.

thank you for reading


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Off-bike due to Injury

6 weeks ago, I broke my collarbone – it has been quite odd being off the bike for such a long time – my longest time EVER since adopting the bicycle life-style more than 1o years ago.


(not my clavicle, I don’t have images from my doctor) accessed here 24 july 2017.

With surgery and proper rest, now moving on to running and working on range of motion with low-weight-high-repetition activity, I am feeling good and getting excited about getting back on the bike again.

I will accept advice from those who have made a similar transition back to the bike from such an injury.

Thank you.

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Roosevelt Island in the #DMV

For all you who ride the Mt Vernon Trail as a commuter, or as recreational cyclists – what do you think about the mulch and repaving scenario going on the Roosevelt Island parking lot?

If the mulch is dry, the route is doable. But in the spring, as it is now, the mulch gets VERY wet, basically unsafe and thus requires the cyclist to walk his or her bicycle through that section sometimes. I find this a bit troublesome because nobody ever asks drivers to push their cars around construction zones. This act is only demanded of cyclists.

But, in the flip-side, there are some decent, albeit more challenging in terms of hills and climbing, routes that are perfectly fine to ride to get around this section. Either up or down Wilson Blvd and around the cemetery ; or up or down the road by the Arlington courthouse and around the cemetery. This second route involves a very serious climb if moving away from the cemetery toward Clarendon.

Are there any cyclists out there who use these routes to get around the mulchy section at Roosevelt Island? Oh, I must add that this whole section is getting repaved – both the parking lot AND the bike trail segments. So it will be nice after the work is done.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

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Riding on the Mt. Vernon Trail

The National Parks Service, grand organization, operates a beautiful pathway (the Mt. Vernon Trail) along the Potomac River – running from the Key Bridge (between Rosslyn, Va and Georgetown, DC) to George Washington’s historical estate, Mt. Vernon.

It is used by children, adults of all ages in all states of fitness and health as well as cyclists. Its distance runs through several neighborhoods as it curves near the river through Alexandria, VA and south.

It is also used by commuters who use it to connect to the Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W & OD). It is here that I want to make my point.

Much of the trail runs south in full view of the DC/Arlington bound traffic. The trail has faded yellow lines marking the “lanes,” but they do not reflect any light. The result of this is that ALL cyclists riding south have a very hard time seeing the trail because in the dark/dusk it blends into the grass around it – as these same cyclists must also contend with the huge number of car headlights shining on them (which also inhibits sight and safety).

Cyclists can use a lot of light on their own bikes or course, but this is also dangerous for other cyclists (and surely annoying to drivers).

So what we need is to work with National Parks Service to repaint the yellow stripes on the trail in order to make it a safer trail.

Please contact NPS and make your voice heard.

Thank you,


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