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#Biketobookfest 2013

Finally, a post bringing together books and bicycles.

In a post from, I wrote about Banned Books Week and the approaching National Book FestĀ  – each scheduled for September 2013. I have been advocating for bicycles and life-on-the-bike for years. With this years National Book Fest, I am blurring the boundary between one set of interests and another – that of books and bicycles.

I am creating a #hashtag on twitter this year called #biketobookgfest which can be reused annually by all those who are planning to ride their bikes to the National Mall instead of getting in cars or dealing with the packed Metro. I have already tweeted this #hashtag and it can be searched on Twitter’s #discovery search tool.

Promote it. Use it. Thank you.

Thank you for reading.
Jesse L.
Twitter: @jlibraryist

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