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#Cycling at Night #bikedc

Who wants to go on long exploratory bike rides at night through the DC Metro area?

Please contact Jesse (@jlibraryist)

Also, e-mail: jesse@meta21st.com

Thank you.

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DC Midnight Marauders #bikedc – #Cycling at Night

marauders_logoA few of you in the DMV might know of a cycling group that still exists in Chicago called the Midnight Marauders.

I rode many long nights with this bunch when I lived there. We rode all over Chicago – west, north and south.

I am aware that Bicycle Space bike shop in the District operates a regular ride called City Explorers.

But what we really need is to take the pleasures of bike riding in the Metro Area and blend them with the pleasures of riding at night time.

Traffic is light (much much lighter) and the city lights can be seen better.

The goal of this post is to start a nighttime cycling group called DC Midnight Marauders and to drum support. We will mix DC exploration by bicycle (year-round) on either a Friday or Saturday night, plan the route in advance, and then ride everywhere. The more people we have, the more places we will be able to ride. And yes, we will start each ride about Midnight.

We will eventually have a Twitter for information related ONLY to DC Midnight Marauders as well as a meetup and this blog will be another destination for DC Midnight Marauders info.

But for now, you can reply here with your show of support or to my personal twitter profile, @jlibraryist.

Who wants to #bikedc in the dark of the night?

Thank you. I look forward to our rides.


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#Cyclists around DC: Be Careful on Lee Highway

Riding my bike on Thursday (2 weeks ago) in a very short section of Lee Highway (near Nutley Rd), I was scared by two drivers.

The really scary incident was by a dark green construction truck belonging to a construction/contracting company with the letters R.M.C. Unfortunately, I looked but did not catch the truck’s license plate. This driver told me to get off the road (which of course I have the right to use) just after he tried to run me off the road.

He drove up fast behind me honking loudly. I waved the driver on to pass me in the normal way to the left (and with enough space) – which he then started to do. But instead of passing with normal space given the length of the dump truck, the driver immediately pulled back into my space without fully passing me. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid getting run off the road into the curb. And when pulled up beside the driver and asked him what he was doing, he replied I needed to get off the road. I told him I had the right to be there and he did not have the right to run me over. He didn’t care.

A truly scary experience.
If you have any information on this construction company, please contact me here in this post or at twitter (@jltaglich).

Thank you.

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Bike Rolls Re-Calibrating…

This blog/site is being reconstructed and reconsidered.Please continue to follow me here as time happens. Also, check out my library related blog – phantomlandscapes.com.



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